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A Saudi winter will surpass your wildest dreams, with exciting activities happening in every corner of the country. Whether you’re after a big event, like Riyadh Season, or simply want to enjoy outdoor entertainment and dining, this winter’s diverse offerings promise to pack fun into every hour.  



Winter in Riyadh


In winter, Riyadh transforms into a vibrant oasis amidst the vast Arabian desert. The scorching summer sun softens, replaced by a comfortable warmth that invites exploration.

Winter in alula


Winter paints the ancient canyons with a new brush, transforming this land of lost civilizations into a wonderland of contrasts. Days bask in a balmy warmth.

Winter in albaha


Nestled in the heart of Saudi Arabia's south, Al-Baha awakens in winter like a blooming flower kissed by rain. Forget harsh deserts; here, verdant mountains rise gracefully, draped in emerald hues from winter rains.

winter in jeddah


Jeddah, the pulsating heart of the Red Sea, transforms into a tapestry of contrasts come winter. Imagine the sun-drenched city, usually swathed in heat, embracing a gentle warmth.

Winter in alahsa

Al Ahsa

Bathed in a gentle warmth, perfect for exploring the mudbrick maze of Al Ahsa's old village. Sunlight catches the weathered walls in a golden glow.

Winter in diriyah


Diriyah, nestled in the heart of Saudi Arabia, isn't just a collection of ancient mud-brick buildings and narrow streets. It's a living, breathing testament to the Kingdom's rich history, and winter paints it in a unique and captivating light.

Riyadh Season


AlUla Moments

Diriyah Season