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We are thrilled to announce that UHI is introducing a brand new loyalty program, the 

WebBeds Rewards is an exclusive B2B loyalty program designed for our valued travel buyers like you. Unlock a world of benefits by signing up for a WebBeds Rewards account.

Every booking you make on our UHI booking platform earns you valuable points. As a WebBeds Rewards member, these hard-earned points can be exchanged for a wide selection of lifestyle items and vouchers.

With UHI enjoy a seamless booking and rewarding experience. By being a part of the WebBeds Rewards program, you will unlock even more value and perks as you continue to book with UHI.



Unlock exclusive rewards effortlessly through WebBeds by booking on Get started by signing in or creating a WebBeds Rewards account, transform each booking into a rewarding experience as Reward Points are deposited into the account of every individual booker upon successful booking. Watch your points accumulate and convert your points into fantastic rewards!.


Start your Rewards journey now! Sign up to earn points with every booking - It’s quick and easy! To join, ensure your UHI Account is active and your access to the Loyalty program is enabled by our Team. Each booker can create their own Rewards Account, allowing everyone to earn individually. Check out the tutorial:

Tutorial Customer Registration.png

Book, earn, repeat! Earn points with every booking on our platform. Keep an eye out for exclusive campaigns and promotions to boost your points accumulation. Don't forget to link your bookings with your Rewards Account by inserting your loyalty Pin. Check out the tutorial for Booking with loyalty Pin.

Tutorial Booking with Loyalty Pin.png

Turn your points into incredible rewards. Explore our extensive selection of Rewards in our Rewards Catalog. Choose from thousands of exciting merchandise, the latest travel and electronic gadgets, shopping and gift vouchers, lifestyle goods and much more! Earn first to unlock redemption.

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Featured Rewards

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Book and win.png
  • How do I earn WebBeds Rewards Points?
    Each booking made on UHI's booking platform will earn you WebBeds Rewards Points.
  • How can I earn even more WebBeds Rewards Points?
    We have plenty of opportunities for you to earn even more points through accelerated Bonus Points Campaigns and Promotions.
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