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Ramadan season

About Ramadan 

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Hijri calendar. When the Hilal of Ramadan is proclaimed, the entire kingdom will rejoice, and Muslims will exchange greetings on its arrival. This is one of the greatest months for Muslims. The Holy Qur'an was revealed to Prophet Mohammad -Peace be upon him- on Ramadan's greatest night, Lailat Al-Qadr. During Ramadan, Muslims practise the fourth pillar of Islam by fasting from dawn until sundown.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims exercise greater religious discipline and worship, such as reading the Qur'an, giving charity, visiting family, and so on.

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Ramadan decorations

Ramadan in Jeddah 

Ramadan in Jeddah
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Open around the clock, Old Jeddah is a lively place, especially at night. Throughout AlBalad, there are customary celebrations and "Bastat" kiosks. Above them are ornamental Rawashin and vintage Mashrabiyas, where Ramadan fare as well as a variety of entertaining activities, both old and new, are available for purchase.


To familiarise guests with the local cuisine and customs, vendors dress in traditional Jeddah attire and sing Shabi songs, which are part of Saudi Arabian culture. Even though many of these vendors cook and serve food only during Ramadan, they nevertheless have a large following of devoted patrons. Shopping in this authentic setting and strolling through it continues to be a unique experience.

Ramadan season

Experience A New Meaning for Ramadan In AlUla

Spectacular Iftar and Suhoor settings, as well as a myriad of exciting outdoor evening adventures, AlUla has exclusively curated experiences for families and friends to gather during this special time of the year.

Events in Ramadan

Iftar AlJadida in AlUla

AlJadidah Iftar

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AlUla invites families and friends to celebrate Ramadan amidst its stunning Sites.

This experience, held in the AlJadidah Arts District, will bring together 70 diners for a special after-dusk fast-breaking ceremony. This communal Iftar, which reflects the essence of Ramadan, will inspire and foster a true sense of community and togetherness during this special time through authentic, regional cuisine and participation from the local area.

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AlThuraya dining
Ramadan Season flag

Al Thuraya Dining

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A luxurious Ramadan experience, and a unique Iftar/Suhoor feast that bring to life a distinctive social Ramadan ambiance offering a different menu every week with the most delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs of both Saudi cuisine.

Date: 11th of March till 9th of April

Location: Riyadh - Dammam 

Volleyball Tournament
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Volleyball Tournament

In collaboration with the Ministry of Sports, represented by the Saudi Arabian Volleyball Federation, the Ramadan Volleyball Tournament 2024 is taking place for the second consecutive year.

Date: 11th of March till 17th of March

Location: Riyadh - Dammam - Jeddah

Paddle Tournament

Paddle Tennis Tournament

Ramadan Season flag

In collaboration with the Ministry of Sports, represented by the Saudi Paddle Tennis Committee, the Ramadan Paddle Tennis Tournament is taking place in its second edition.

Date:  21st of March till 3rd of April

Location: Riyadh - Dammam - Jeddah

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