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Welcome To Al Ahsa Oasis - An Evolving Cultural Landscape!

Al Ahsa: The Oasis Of The World! Saudi Arabia is much more than just enormous ochre deserts. Al Ahsa is the model for a lush desert oasis, with more than 2.5 million date palm trees covering a verdant area close inland from Saudi Arabia's Gulf coast. Al Ahsa was named the largest self-contained oasis in the world by Guinness World Records, giving the UNESCO World Heritage region a new accomplishment. It is recognized for its stunning and vivid green palm trees as well as its tranquil atmosphere, profound stillness and peaceful ambiance.

In classical Arabic, Ahsa is the sound of water running underground. The name suits the oasis perfectly – Al-Ahsa has been one of the richest areas of groundwater sources in the region and the reason behind its rich greenery. You'll also find a lot to discover in this 6,000-year-old oasis, which has long served as an entrance to the Arabian Peninsula for travelers from the East, including hot and cold springs, medieval mosques, and expansive panoramic panoramas. And don’t miss a chance to try a khalasah date - also known in Saudi Arabia as khlas, a word that loosely translates as “quintessential” — where the locals proudly proclaim it’s one of the world’s best!

Here are some of the activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Al Qara Mountain

The beautifully majestic Al Qara mountain, known for its stunning lime caves found amidst it, creates the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled family day! It's a natural marvel that you must visit on your trip to the province. It is also perfect for hiking or camping!

The Yellow Lake

A beautiful shallow wetland lake located near to Al Hasa, consisting of wetlands surrounded by Ferns and sand dunes with lots of migratory birds. It is accessible by a four-wheel drive, and you can enjoy off-roading or photograph the golden sand dunes.

Souk Al Qaisariyah

It is one of the liveliest, most historical markets in the Kingdom! Also renowned for its elevated roof and corridors; it holds numerous towers, palaces, mosques and over 422 shops perfect for exploring with the family. And don’t forget to grab a souvenir!

Jawatha Mosque

Built by the region’s Bani Abd Al Qays tribe in the seventh century, Jawatha Mosque is believed to have been the first mosque in eastern Arabia. It’s also where the second Friday congregation prayer was held. Much of the original building has been destroyed over the centuries, but the mosque was recently restored.

Dougha Handmade Pottery Factory

The Dougha Handmade Pottery Factory tucked away in the western face of Al Qarah Mountain's caverns, is a charming add-on excursion for anyone visiting Al Ahsa's most famous geological site. Rows of upside-down pots spilling various colors of clay at the entrance make a spectacular display that draws attention to the significance of pottery in the Islamic world.

For more information on the rich history of Arabia, you can click here


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