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Spend Your Summer in The Oasis of The World, Al Ahsa!

Take a trip to Al Ahsa in the east of Saudi Arabia and be transported to a lush green landscape a world away from undulating sand dunes and arid desert plains. Nestled between Riyadh and Dammam, and stretching into the Empty Quarter, Al Ahsa is home to one of the world’s largest natural oases and a UNESCO-listed city to boot. Here you’ll find natural springs fringed by date palm groves, verdant farmland and some of the region’s finest dates, interspersed by a string of stunning historical sites.


Here's Exactly What You Can Do...

Visit Ibrahim's Palace

Constructed during the first Saudi state, Ibrahim Palace is an architectural masterpiece. Combining both traditional Arabic and military designs, it was first used as an army base and later as the headquarters of a garrison. Wander in to explore the Al-Qubba mosque, which is still in use today, the preserved rooms, and a tiny museum full of rafters with artifacts, photographs and other displays.

Tour the Jawatha Mosque

It is the first mosque constructed in Saudi’s Eastern Province, dating back to the seventh year of the hijra. Built by the Bani Abd al-Qays tribe that lived there, it is said to have been the first in the kingdom to hold Friday prayers other than the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. While most of the mosque’s original structure has been lost, its foundations have been painstakingly restored to allow prayers to be held there five times a day.

Enjoy Al Ahsa's Asfar Lake & Natural Springs

You can’t visit Al Ahsa without seeing some of the region’s 100-plus natural springs, which spill hot, warm and cold water across the land. The most popular sites include the bustling Al-Jawhariah, Um Sab’ah and al-Khodoud springs, but be prepared for a crowd. The mineral-laced springs are considered by many to have therapeutic properties, so you will often spot people taking a restorative dip and even drinking it.

Enjoy Date Picking and Local Dinner

Wind down for dinner by picking up a selection of the dates that Al Ahsa is famous for. Al Tayar Dates, a factory housed in Aljafir, is open to the public and offers a vast array of date and date-and-nut combinations you can try before buying. For an authentic dining experience, head to Dar Albasmah and indulge in traditional Saudi cuisine with a modern touch, or to Al Koot Heritage Hotel where local women cook family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.


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