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Spend Your Eid Staycation in Jeddah!

If city life is your thing and you’re looking for a change of scenery, then Jeddah could be one of the best places to travel during Eid in Saudi Arabia. Enjoy a bit of history, shopping and food selections at Al Balad, another UNESCO World Heritage site. You could also take in the views of the King Fahad Foundation, the highest fountain in the world, or laze around at the beaches for some fun activities on the water such as boat trips and water-splashing jet ski rides.

Keep reading to know where you can go during Eid!


Where Can You Go with Your Family and Friends?

Discover the place chosen amongst UNESCO World Heritage List, Al Balad, where the ancient homes transformed using the latest technologies and expertise into art galleries and specialty cafes. It shows the authentic architecture that oversees the modern life that passes beneath it. It's a must-visit for you and your family!

Known for its unique and vibrant beaches, the city of Jeddah overlooks the Red Sea, and as the cities of the world unwind and relax on weekdays after sunset, busy life continues at Jeddah's shores until late at night. You can go to the North Corniche where you can enjoy a picnic with friends and family in Jeddah's breezy weather by sunset.

Visible from all across the city, King Fahd Fountain is a much-loved Jeddah landmark and a 30-year-old monument in the middle of the Red Sea. You can walk around and try different kinds of food along the various stalls at the Corniche, or you can take videos and pictures of yourself and your family by the magical sunset.

Eid isn't complete without the amusement and joyfulness in theme parks. You shouldn't miss out on the rollercoaster from Al Shallal theme park when traveling through North Corniche, and you'll undoubtedly hear all the screams and yells of joy coming from the other attractions. You can spend a whole day there with all the thrilling things to do.

Regardless of whether you’re setting sail to fish inside the sea waters, casting rods on the beach docks, or finding secret fishing locations, fishing is a popular traditional hobby in coastal cities like Jeddah. Fishing enthusiasts know the thrill of making bait, picking up the hook, and the moment of finally getting a catch… nothing beats that moment.

Located just off Al Kurnaysh Road on Jeddah’s north corniche, Fakieh Aquarium is the first marine exhibition of its kind in Saudi Arabia, and it’s no coincidence that it finds itself within earshot of the city’s lapping Red Sea. Also, Blue Ocean Restaurant is a 10-minute walk away and allows visitors to enjoy expansive views of the Red Sea.


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