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Spend Your Eid In RIYADH!

Riyadh is a great place to celebrate your Eid Holidays with your family and friends! It would be a great time to experience the ancient traditions steeped in culture and history. And for those who wish to discover a world of shopping or entertainment, Riyadh is your city! It is filled with the most magical shopping experiences and fun activities such as taking a thrilling safari trip, camping under the stars and camel riding in the beautiful desert. In addition, you can spend time with your family and friends over a delicious dinner in one of the luxurious restaurants in Riyadh that offer exceptional services!

Experience the true spirit of Eid while in Riyadh and create unforgettable memories!


Family Bonding Activities to do together!

Pose For That Classic Family Travel Photo

The World Sights Park in Riyadh is home to miniature versions of famous landmarks from around the world. With so many famous locations around, there will be so many options for the perfect background for a family portrait.

A Family that Races Together, Stays Together

Who wouldn't love some friendly family competition? Take the family for a day out on the tracks at Doos Karting! It is one of the biggest circuits in Riyadh and it has a thrilling multi-layer spiral ramp for an immersive experience.

See Riyadh from Above

Located in the tallest building in Riyadh, the Sky Bridge sits on the 99th floor offering panoramic views of the city. If you have time on your hands then you can take the little ones to an amusement center called Sparky’s Later that’s located in the same building.


Interested in some adventure? Here are some activities for you!!

Explore Nofa Wildlife Park

This beautiful lodge-style resort is the canvas for an explosion of wildlife, and a rare opportunity to experience a piece of Africa in the Arabian Desert. The best way to see the resort’s more than 700 animals is with a guided safari drive, where an open-topped vehicle will bring you mesmerizingly close to a roaming assortment of wildlife.

Discover Al Kharrarah National Park

This is your spacious sanctuary to escape from the crowded city. This park is full of green landscapes, sand dunes, and a lake formed from rainfall. You can get on the SUVs and challenge the high sand dunes here. You can also caress the sky with kites with your friends or refresh with a dip in the cold nature water on a sunny day in the park’s lake.

Spend the day/night at Rawdat Tinhat

Discover the captivating magic that is hidden in Rawdat Tinhat in spring, as natural components blend together to create the best place to walk, explore, and spend a daytime picnic with family on green carpets. Admire the sunset scenery, or enjoy a night barbeque party accompanied by the chatter and laughter of your friends and family.

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