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Sled Your Way Through A Snow Day In Saudi!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

No matter where you are in the globe, it's difficult to resist smiling when thinking of going sledding in the snow, but Saudi Arabia in particular, where snowfall is less frequent than in other parts of the world, is a case in point. Part of what makes sledding an even more alluring winter activity in Saudi is the novelty of snow. Locals take advantage of snowfall by heading for the slopes with sleds and taking in the scenery as they descend the winter routes. A snow day in Saudi Arabia is best started off with some sledding. However, there are more snowy activities for you to explore so keep reading!

Are you ready for more activities in the snow? Here are some of our three favorite activities!

Enjoy a Snowy Hike!

Stepping outside to breathe in the chilly winter air is one of the season's most enchanting experiences. In Saudi Arabia, winter is a time to enjoy the outdoors, camp, and of course, trek. Visitors might be lucky enough to observe snowfall in the northern highlands, covering the slopes and desert sands. The greatest location to witness the beautiful calm of shifting sands covered in fresh snow is in the north, close to Tabuk.

Go on a Snowy Excursion!

There is no better time than an Arabian snowstorm to go for a ride. Saudi Arabia is a wonderfully magical place to experience snow, and the enthusiasm is palpable. Get in on the excitement for winter's finest surprise by riding an Arabian camel, or driving up the mountain roads while residents swarm to enjoy the powder. You may anticipate a pleasant winter ride whether you choose a car or a camel to discover Saudi Arabia's beautiful surroundings.

Enjoy Kashta in the Snow!

The ultimate winter experience for snow lovers is camping in authentic Arabic tents amidst the snowfields. In reality, the winter season in Saudi Arabia is referred to as Kashta, or camping season, and it frequently entails activities that last well into the night. Nature's invitation to residents and visitors to experience the wonder of winter in Saudi Arabia is sent through the cold air, powder-covered pathways, and bright starry evenings.

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