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Saudi Arabia Welcomes Hayya Card holders during the World Cup!!!

Get your Hayya Card and Fly Away to the Perfect Getaway...

Have you ever visited Qatar? Well, if you haven't the time has finally come!!! Explore Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in one straightforward itinerary. The Saudi Tourism Authority welcomes the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs' introduction of a new multi-entry visa to Saudi, available to visitors holding the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Hayya Card. The Hayya Card is required for all World Cup attendees and provides entry into Qatar and the stadiums. Holders of the Hayya Card will be able to apply for the new visa online and book a trip to the authentic home of Arabia with confidence, before, during, and after the World Cup. Visas will allow a 60-day stay in Saudi beginning 10 days before the tournament.

Saudi is definitely the perfect gateway to the World Cup and home to destinations waiting to be explored. It is a short hop away making it a very practical and convenient destination to visit.

Saudi is Calling...

Saudi Arabia is waiting to welcome travelers and football fans from all around the world. Since Saudi Arabia is geographically so close to Qatar, travelers can actually stay in the Kingdom because it is not only cheaper but they can also round out their experience and have their own adventure too! You'll get to experience the true authentic Saudi culture, try the local food, and even attend one of the festivals that are happening during the same time as the World Cup! The Kingdom will be hosting a dynamic program of entertainment events including MDLBeast, Red Sea Film Festival, Riyadh Season, and Winter at Tantoura in AlUla, all of which are happening at the same time. Therefore, to improve air connectivity, Saudi will offer 40 shuttle flights per day from Jeddah and Riyadh to Doha; on days when the Saudi team is playing, the number may increase to 60 flights per day.

Here are the Terms and Conditions for the entire process:

1. Hayya Card holders will be permitted to enter the Kingdom 10 days before the start of the World Cup after obtaining an electronic visa through the Unified National Platform for Visas. The ministry will announce later on how to submit the visa application and the mechanism for obtaining the visa.

2. The holders of the entry visa can reside in the Kingdom for 60 days.

3. The holders of the visa are entitled to enter and leave the Kingdom several times during the validity period of the visa.

4. It is not required to have pre-entry to the State of Qatar before arrival in the Kingdom.

5. Medical insurance shall be obtained before coming over to the Kingdom.

Here's Where You Can Stay...

The UHI Team has always covered you with special deals to improve your stay! Here are some recommendations below, and you can always check out more options here...

Fairmont Hotel, Riyadh


Centro Olaya, Riyadh


Bram Suites Hotel, Jeddah


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