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Journey Through Nature In Saudi!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Saudi Arabia deserves a place on every outdoor enthusiast's bucket list since it has amazing natural wonders and fun ways to explore its varied landscape. Cooler temperatures make it possible to comfortably explore distinctive seasonal landscapes on foot, whether on a challenging walk-through rocky slope or a leisurely stroll through a lush wadi. Check out the suggestions below for a variety of hikes and activities for you to do! Also - sunscreen is a must-pack item. Yes, even in the winter!

Here are the top 4 activities for you to do!

Visit Archaeological Sites!

Visitors can live out their desire of becoming adventurous archaeologists for a day this winter in AlUla, a remote desert region in Saudi Arabia's northwest. The area's rock constructions, graves, and inscriptions provide a wealth of historical information. You can learn what was significant to the Dadanite and other civilizations by looking at them. Similarly, rock formations tell the story of Saudi's ever-changing landscape.

Wildlife Watching!

Saudi Arabia is home to a variety of species. A remarkable animal is likely to be spotted because more than 85,000 square kilometers of land are protected for wildlife conservation. One of the best sites to watch animals in their natural environments is in Asir National Park and the nearby mountains. They are not the only sites, though. Saudi Arabia is home to beautiful wildlife, including everything from wolves and cougars to common hedgehogs. During the winter specifically, you are very likely to spot a baboon and even admire an Oryx!

Explore the Woods!

Al Baha is a popular tourist destination because of its moderate climate, rich heritage, and more than 40 forests. It is situated in the southwest of Saudi Arabia's Hijazi region. Al Baha, which is 2,500 meters above sea level, has moderate summer temperatures and temperate winters, making it the perfect location for hiking, picnics, and camping. Get ready, photographers: even in the dead of winter, the area boasts Instagram-worthy flora.

Go on an Advanced Hike!

The tallest peak in Saudi Arabia is supposedly Jabal Sawda, located close to Abha in Asir National Park. It rises above 3,000 meters and offers a variety of climbing, hiking, and camping locations. Experienced hikers can descend the top via the trail, but there is also a spacious promenade close to the summit that is ideal for strolling.

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