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Jeddah Season 2024 Returns!

Experience the Magic of Jeddah Season 2024

Welcome to Jeddah Season 2024, where culture, excitement, and adventure converge against the picturesque backdrop of the Red Sea coast. This annual extravaganza has returned with a promise to dazzle visitors with a myriad of events and activities that showcase the rich heritage and modern vibrancy of Saudi Arabia.

Discovering Jeddah: A Cultural Delight

Nestled along the shores of the Red Sea, Jeddah is a city where history meets innovation. Known for its bustling souks, ancient architecture, and thriving art scene, Jeddah offers a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary allure. As you wander through its narrow alleyways and bustling marketplaces, you'll encounter a city that is both deeply rooted in tradition and boldly embracing the future.

What's New in Jeddah Season 2024

This year's Jeddah Season kicks off on June 27th with an exciting lineup of events curated to delight locals and tourists alike. From mesmerizing art exhibitions to adrenaline-pumping sports events, there's something for everyone to enjoy. One of the highlights of this season is the debut of the Saudi Summer Program, featuring a series of captivating exhibitions and thrilling performances across multiple cities, including Riyadh and the Red Sea coast.

Must-See Events and Attractions

Explore the Jeddah Corniche, where you can stroll along the waterfront and take in breathtaking views of the Red Sea. Visit the historic Al-Balad district, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its traditional architecture and vibrant street life.

Where to Stay: Editor's Picks!

For the ultimate Jeddah experience, consider staying at one of our editor's top picks for hotels. Whether you're looking for luxury accommodations with stunning sea views or a boutique hotel nestled in the heart of the city, Jeddah offers a range of options to suit every traveler's taste and budget.

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