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Immerse Yourself In Ramadan Season Events In Riyadh - Exclusive Deals Available!

There is a lot of excitement in Saudi during the Holy Month of Ramadan! The month of Ramadan begins with its brightness, days full of goodness and faith, and nights full of peace and worship. When you visit Saudi during the Holy Month of Ramadan, you will be greeted by streets that are decorated with lights and gleaming lanterns. There are many events taking place across Saudi for Ramadan Season this year that will immerse you in all the vibrant cultural experiences, with activities spanning artistic exhibitions, interactive workshops, local culinary delights, and competitions. In fact, Riyadh has very exciting events happening throughout the whole month of Ramadan so keep reading to know more.

So, join us and celebrate the historical legacy of the Holy Month of Ramadan and create unforgettable memories!


Here Are The Events That Await You In Riyadh!

There is World Heritage Day! This event is free for everyone to attend. You will be treated to a fascinating cultural heritage program that showcases the country’s rich history and cultural diversity. There will be exhibitions, workshops, and interactive displays available for you to learn about traditional crafts, music and much more.

Another fantastic event to check out is the Hawiyah Hayah Nights, which take place from April 11th to April 15th. These five days of various cultural events coincide with World Heritage Day and International Art Day, offering visitors the chance to take part in acting and poetry experiences, folktales, and much more. This event is for free for everyone to attend.

For families with young children, this is perfect for you! The Little Discoverer event takes place from April 18th till April 23rd, where this program aims to increase children’s contribution to the protection and preservation of heritage by educating them on the importance of excavation work. This event is free for everyone.

For gamers, the E-sports Ramadan Season tournament is a must-attend event. The tournament will take place from April 12th to April 14th and will be held in collaboration with the Saudi Esports Federation and the Ministry of Sport. Participants can compete against each other in FIFA 23 for the chance to win big.


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