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Explore Yanbu: The Pearl Of The Red Sea!

Drive just a few hours west of Medina to the port of Yanbu, which is known to be one of the premier beach destinations in Saudi Arabia! Yanbu has a rich history and boasts unparalleled natural beauty, making it a must-see tourist destination.

It is divided into three administrations. In the east, there is Yanbu AlNakhl, founded more than two thousand years ago and dotted with villages. In the south, there is Yanbu AlSinaiyah, the industrial and governmental center of the region. Lastly, there is Yanbu AlBahr, where the majority of the coastal activities are available. This is the starting point of many diving adventures, where visitors can enjoy the rich coral and sea life off the coast - especially since Yanbu is known for its beautiful scuba diving areas! Join the locals eating Red Sea-caught fish while overlooking the water and discover the nearby glowing lanes of the recently restored Souq Al Lail (the night market).

Radwa Mount

Radwa Mount is a colossal icon with its jagged peaks and curious red color that has inspired many Arabic poets. Radwa is the highest point in the Nakhil range and is known for its honey and wild nature, with wolves, tigers and ibex roaming around.

Home of T.E. Lawrence

It is located in Yanbu’s gorgeous Red Sea city and is a part of the region’s heritage. At the commencement of the Great Arab Revolt, this mansion was home to Thomas Edward Lawrence, a British intelligence officer and military advisor.

Family Picnic At Yanbu Beach

This beach offers lots of seaside fun with fantastic views of the Red Sea. It boasts horse riding as well as occasional water sports activities including jet-skiing and sailing. Set up a picnic with your family and have a great time with great views!


Yanbu provides everything a salt-water enthusiast could want, so prepare to plunge into a completely new adventure as you are scuba diving in Yanbu!! So here is where you can go:

The Seven Sisters Coral Reef

This reef-wide chain is widely known for hammerhead shark sightings. The diving location is home to some of the most incredible reef systems on earth. It is concealed behind a huge, towering reef wall, and fields of corals spread out like a colorful underwater mosaic.

Abu Galawa

Part of the Seven Sisters, Abu Galawa is known for its dotted colorful coral reefs and exotic fish. It is the most ideal place to view the diverse marine life. This spot is also famous for a World War 2 shipwreck: a Chinese tugboat that sunk and is now entirely covered by soft and hard corals.

For more information on the rich history of Arabia, you can click here .


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