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Explore The Stunning Southwestern City Of Najran & Stay At Gloria Inn Najran Hotel - Book With UHI!

If you’re a photographer, nature enthusiast, hiker, climber, or just someone looking to spend some time away in a stunning region, Najran is the city for you. Located in southwestern Saudi Arabia in a region that borders Yemen, the city brings in locals and tourists who flock all year round to indulge in a diversity of natural, archaeological, and heritage offerings. In earlier times, it was called Abu As-Su’ud and was just a trading area.

From the magnificent Raum mountain to an ancient fortress perched on its summit, to stretches of palm trees and oases in the valley below, Najran is quickly becoming a popular destination for many. With a wonderful blend of traditions and long history, this primeval city has the potential to transform into a tourism hub in the upcoming years.

Keep reading to know all the famous places to visit in Najran for an amazing holiday experience.


Explore Najran's History!

Najran has many popular archaeological sites, Islamic monuments, and engineering marvels. Tourists visiting Najran in Saudi Arabia will find various fascinating sight scenes. So, here are some of the top Najran tourist places to explore:

Najran Regional Museum

It is an architectural marvel that combines the region’s historical and cultural legacy with modern elements. The Man and Universe Hall, Pre-Islamic Hall, Islamic Hall, and Hall of the Kingdom’s Unification are among the six halls in the museum.

Al-Ukhdud Archaeological Site

Located in the south of modern Najran, holds historical significance from the Byzantine, Umayyad, and Abbasid periods. Najran experienced crucial events and battles, and the continuous warfare caused residents to flee, leaving the site in ruins.

Najran Valley Dam

Nestled in a picturesque setup, it is an arch dam on Wadi Najran, which is one of the scenic valleys in the Arabian Peninsula. The scenic charm of the location doubles during the monsoon when the dam is full of water. It is one of the places that is full of serenity.

Qasr Al Aan

Al-Aan Palace, located on top of Al-Aan mountain, contains observation towers, major gates, and fences. It remains one of the region’s most magnificent architectural gems having a unique building style and beautiful white margins.


Stay At The Gloria Inn Najran Hotel!

Discover the calm and welcoming five-star Gloria Inn Najran, which stands majestically on the King Abdulaziz Road just 20 km from the city center. Its awe-inspiring location surrounded by a picturesque date farm and rolling desert mountains makes it an enchanting place to stay in Saudi Arabia.

Choose from an array of five-star rooms and suites, from Standard Rooms to our Royal Suites, and enjoy an unrivaled experience in the heart of Saudi Arabia. The rooms and suites offer stylish furnishings and contemporary layouts, with some featuring balconies from which to discover beautiful views across the beautiful landscapes of Najran.

اكتشف فندق جلوريا إن نجران الهادئ والترحيبي من فئة الخمس نجوم ، والذي يقع بشكل رائع على طريق الملك عبد العزيز على بعد 20 كم فقط من وسط المدينة. موقعه المذهل محاط بمزرعة تمور خلابة وجبال صحراوية يجعله مكانا ساحرا للإقامة في المملكة العربية السعودية. اختر من بين مجموعة من الغرف والأجنحة ذات الخمس نجوم ، من الغرف العادية إلى الأجنحة الملكية ، واستمتع بتجربة لا مثيل لها في قلب المملكة العربية السعودية. توفر الغرف والأجنحة مفروشات أنيقة وتصميمات عصرية ، مع بعض الشرفات التي يمكن من خلالها اكتشاف مناظر جميلة من المناظر الطبيعية الجميلة في نجران.

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