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Explore Taif: The Mountainous City & Its Rural Nature!

Like any mountainous city, Taif is embedded in the clouds. It offers a tranquil setting and pleasure characterized by magnificence and purity. It is characterized by the cool weather and is located on the eastern slopes of the Sarawat Mountains and about 1,700 m above sea level. Taif is also famous for its fragrant rose flowers that grow in the surrounding valleys and mountains - therefore it is often called the City of Roses. The journey there is also fairly interesting. The Taif Plateau may be reached from the interior of Makkah by a stunning meandering road that passes past mountains, fruit markets, rose farms, and deep valleys. It is close to the Shafa Mountains, where baboons are free to roam, and the light shines beautifully between majestic peaks. There are many beautiful and historical places to visit in Taif that make it a preferred tourist destination even for the locals and people from nearby cities.

Keep reading so you can start getting ready!


📍 Taif, KSA!

Taif's weather is somewhat cool this time of year and is usually extremely enjoyable for tourists. The best time to experience great weather is during the months of December till February and this is the most ideal time to visit Taif - it is usually the busiest time of the year!

How Can You Get To Taif?

1. Airport ✈️: You can book a flight and land at Taif Regional Airport.

2. Highway 🚗: You can take your car from Jeddah, Dammam or Riyadh.


Here Are Some Beautiful Places to Explore in Taif!

Al Hada Mountain Al Hada, which rises above a valley that stretches in the direction of Makkah, is populated by amusing baboons and immaculate open areas. The twisting path zigzags beautifully along the mountainside, resembling the old camel trail. You can also take a cable car ride with spectacular views.

Al Wahba Center

The Al-Wahba Crater is a volcanic crater situated on the western border of the Harrat Kishb basalt plateau in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia, it is 250 km from Taif. There are numerous volcanic cones. The crater is one of Taif's most exciting sites to visit due to its natural beauty and easiest hiking experience.

Saysed National Park A masterpiece awaits you on the list of Taif Natural Parks! Saysed National Park has combined a rich natural heritage, it had a list of natural views and landmarks, and is distinguished by the diversity of wildlife, offering an astonishing experience to visitors. It is located between the city and Taif Airport.


Explore The Museums of Taif!

Al Shubra Palace

Due to its role in significant political and historical events in the Hijaz region, Al-Shubra Palace is a very significant historical site. The palace was created in 1905 and belonged to Ali Basha Bin Awn. Hijazi architecture is influenced by Ottoman and Egyptian styles, as well.

Al Sharif Heritage Museum

Get ready to explore one of Saudi Arabia's largest museums, which spans 6500 square meters. The museum displays a variety of antiquities and a market to highlight Taif's customary craftsmanship. Additionally, there is a part devoted to old writings and papers. It is open daily from 4 pm till 12 pm.


Shopping In Taif!

Al Balad Market

People visit Al-Balad market to enjoy the pleasure of shopping in a traditional setting because it is home to a vast collection of cultural and social legacy. These marketplaces frequently have a warm, personal spirit that reflects the region's residents' distinct identities, making the area historically significant. The majority of the market's stores start to open around seven in the morning and stay open until midnight.

Souq Okaz

Taif's Souq Okaz is a well-known tourist destination because of its lengthy and ancient history. A fantastic cultural, social, and economic forum, it provided an exceptional chance to learn about a variety of art, heritage, and culture through events that annually drew visitors from all over the world. Various services are available, including carts of diverse local food options, cultural plays, sports competitions and trade routes.

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