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Explore Riyadh: Where The Past Meets The Future!!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Welcome to Riyadh, the birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia, where old-world charm meets 21st-century vision.

It is a historically significant city that is home to numerous forts, palaces, museums, and some of the most vibrant souqs in the Kingdom. An itinerary to explore Riyadh is a mixture of culture and modernity. The landmarks and important monuments in Riyadh present the country’s timeline from its foundation until the modern day. Many festivals and seasonal events take place in the city annually such as Riyadh Season 2022, Diriyah Season, MDLBEAST SOUNDSTORM22 and so much more! The country is fascinating and there are endless things for you to do, whether it's alone or with your family and friends!

Therefore, we have selected the most popular activities for you to do on your next trip to Riyadh, so keep reading and enjoy!


History of Riyadh Province: Diriyah, At Turaif and Beyond!

Diriyah was the original capital of the Saudi state and is home to the kingdom's historic developments. Just northwest of the capital, in this must-visit region, lies the At-Turaif district, a well-preserved mud-brick neighborhood. The area, a designated UNESCO World Past Site in 2010, provides a window into the nation's rich heritage. For a dose of history and knowledge, go through its living museum, which has display spaces scattered around the ruins. And while you're there, visit Diriyah Season 2022 and get to know the history in more detail. You can buy your tickets here.


So, What Can You Do in Riyadh?

Edge of the World: Jabal Fihrayn

Experience breathtaking cliff-top views: this spectacular spot offers uninterrupted views from the edge of a sheer precipice. You could go rock climbing, hiking, or just admire the beautiful desert!

Riyadh Season 2022: The Boulevard City Boulevard Riyadh City is one of the biggest zones in the season. Triple in size this year, each of the sub-areas features its own set of activities, restaurants, events and outlets that are catered to all visitors.

Cirque Du Soleil Experience Cirque du Soleil with amazing performances that will stimulate the senses, incite the imagination, and arouse emotions.

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia Set aside a day to explore centuries of Arabian prehistory, history, culture and art at the kingdom’s

biggest and most entertaining museum.


And Don't Forget The Biggest Festival Of The Year - 2 DAYS TO GO!!!!

The dazzling music festival is happening in Riyadh THIS weekend from December 1 till December 3!!!! Why not close off the year with the biggest and best annual festival of the year?

Book your SOUNDSTORM22 tickets here if you haven't yet!

With FIFA World Cup 2022 happening in Qatar, music and football enthusiasts can manage to visit both of these amazing events through the daily shuttle flights. You can take a look at the flight schedule here and experience these two worlds like never before.

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