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Explore Jeddah - A Perfect Getaway!

Jeddah is quite famous in Saudi Arabia for its gorgeous view of the Red Sea and being the number one gateway to Makkah. However, it also holds its ground with having a noteworthy ancient history and passing through various civilizations, many of its tourist attractions and archaeological sites bore testament to the rich history it has acquired.

In Jeddah, you will discover the UNESCO-celebrated global heritage of "Historical Jeddah," which includes examining the ornate designs of the city's balconies, stone walkways, and historic sidewalks. In addition, it offers the best view of the magnificent sunset hues reflecting off the sea. You'll never cease marveling at the extraordinary diving encounter that gives you the chance to see the unusual coral reefs, which have attracted expeditions to discover their magnificence. With that, this energetic city continues to offer its visitors an endless supply of amazing experiences.


So, What Can You In Jeddah?

Jeddah is a must-visit place anytime if you are going around the Middle East. Make sure you take the time to discover the unexpected, unimagined Jeddah and the other serene parts of Saudi.

  • Learn more about 'Historic Jeddah.'

  • Enjoy the Marine Life of the beautiful Red Sea.

  • Take part of the sporting events.

  • Enjoy the delicacies of Jeddah's local cuisines.


Historical Jeddah

Al Balad

A heritage site that dates back to old times standing there with all its antique designs and details near the most stunning costs and luxurious restaurants and boutiques. Yet, it retains its ancient alleys and unique artistic buildings. Here, you’ll experience time travels to the past in an authentic tour.

The Tayebat Museum

The museum’s exhibits on pre-Islamic history travel even further back in time, particularly in relation to Jeddah, where settlements are believed to have existed in the sixth century A.D. You can read early scripts of Arab geographers and travelers, in which Jeddah is named as a thriving seaport that helped fuel trade in Arabia.

Art Galleries

There are paintings through which artists aspire to spread the culture of beauty and the true value of art! These can be found in art galleries that exhibit works by Jeddah local artists. The sculpture museum for instance in Jeddah has a special soothing vibe. Its cultural beauty is distinguished by the sculptures and artifacts that extend on its beaches and streets.


The Marine Life of The Red Sea

The coastal city of Jeddah is one of the most spectacular diving and snorkeling destinations, with many unique areas to discover the stunning marine life deep down the Red Sea. The area is submerged, pristine, and untouched and it is where you can interact with the beauty of pure nature, and where you discover and learn about the most beautiful and rare marine creatures.

Swim with Sharks in Sharm Obhur

Sharm Obhur is one of Jeddah's best diving destinations. Be sure that you will not be alone diving, as you will have a bunch of cute-looking turtles next to you, and you will be greeted by lionfish and eels, and the deeper you swim, the more fish and unique species you will discover! For example, the rare bull shark and clownfish known as “Nemo”.

Do Not Climb Mount Laith, DIVE!

Located 200 km south of Jeddah, the charming island of Jabal Al Laith is the largest incubator for whale sharks and is one of the most beautiful diving areas in Saudi Arabia. Characterized by crystal clear water and a white-sand area of 4 sq/km, it is an ideal option for diving in spring or early summer.

Take a Stroll on Jeddah's Corniche

Known for its unique and vibrant beaches, the city of Jeddah overlooks the Red Sea, and as the cities of the world unwind and relax on weekdays after sunset, busy life continues at Jeddah's shores until late at night. The children also enjoy playgrounds set up for them in designated locations near their families.


Enjoy Jeddah's Local Cuisine

Due to its geographical status and the commercial movement, Jeddah surprises its visitors with the various dimensions of flavors it has to offer. Jeddah has become a popular eatery that is associated with the culture of the region and a major part of its household tables. Many people might be unaware that the aptly named Bride of the Sea, with its distinct cosmopolitan wealth, embodies the pride of a historic port city and boasts a treasure trove of freshly caught seafood, including Najil, Hamoor, Hareed, and Sijan, in addition to a wide variety of crustaceans, shrimp, and shellfish.

For more information on the rich history of Arabia, you can click here .


Jeddah’s Proximity to Makkah Is Perfect for Religious Travelers!

Religious travelers can recharge during the spiritual journey to the Holy Mosque of Makkah for Umrah, or Ziyara to Masjid al Nabawi.

You Can Perform Umrah

Head to Haram Mosque in Makkah to perform your spiritual Umrah. An accessible one-hour drive that can be fulfilled in a couple of hours.

You can Visit The Kiswah Factory

You can take a guided tour throughout the factory to know more about the history of the Kiswah, and the methods behind the textile.

You can visit the historical places

Visit Hira Cultural District and see Wahi Museum, and have the chance to hike AlNour Mountain up to Hira Cave.


Enjoy A Luxurious Stay at the InterContinental Hotel Jeddah - Where Tradition Meets Luxury!

InterContinental Jeddah has been an iconic landmark in the city since its establishment in the 1970s. It has embraced the rich heritage and traditions of the region while continually evolving to meet the needs of discerning guests. Over the years, it has upheld the InterContinental brand's commitment to delivering exceptional services and creating memorable experiences for every guest.

The hotel features the following:

1. Stunning Sea Views: Offering breathtaking vistas of the Red Sea, guests can enjoy the calming beauty of the largest fountain from the comfort of their rooms and public spaces.

2. Cultural Influence: The hotel's design incorporates elements of Arabian architecture, showcasing intricate details and traditional craftsmanship that celebrate the local culture.

3. Premium Wellness Facilities: Relax and rejuvenate at the hotel's spa and fitness center, featuring state-of-the-art equipment and a range of pampering treatments.

4. Entertainment on Jeddah Central Corniche: Take advantage of direct access to the Corniche, where guests can enjoy watching the largest fountain in the world from the nearest point, relax by the pool, or just relax in the sun.

5. Exceptional Service: A dedicated team of friendly and professional staff is committed to ensuring that every guest receives personalized attention and a seamless stay experience.

InterContinental Jeddah is primarily for business travelers, as well as leisure travelers seeking a luxurious and comfortable stay. The hotel caters to individuals and corporate guests who prioritize high-quality service, amenities, and convenient location. However, it also caters to individuals and tourists on vacation! The hotel welcomes families seeking a relaxing vacation or a weekend getaway in a refined setting.

What Rooms Are Available?

Amenities included in the hotel:

For More Information, Please Click Here!


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