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Explore Diriyah: Take a trip filled with tales & elegance!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Welcome to Diriyah, also known as the 'Pearl of Saudi Arabia', where the historical Diriyah features Saudi Arabia's 300+ years of culture, heritage and history.

In Diriyah, you will be introduced to a distinct dimension of entertainment, which is the heart of a historical city that was established in 1446 AD. Through its historic neighborhoods, iconic natural features, and ancient history, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia transports you there. It is ideally situated to be a premier cultural suburb on the banks of Wadi Hanifah, northwest of Riyadh. It has museums housed in its historic structures so you can get a sense of the past. In 2010, the At-Turaif District was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, giving Diriyah historical and heritage status.


Where Can You Go In Diriyah?

Salwa Palace (Diriyah Museum)

The palace was called Salwa Palace as its construction and the diversity of its facilities brought comfort and conviviality (salaw) to its residents and guests. It was a great landmark at that time with an authentic Najdi style and stood as a majestic symbol of the first Saudi state. In addition, the Salwa Palace was the seat of government during the era of the first Saudi state as well as the home of its princes and imams.

At Turaif District

Al Turaif District in Diriyah, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is flourishing with a historical monument and an ancient history as its corners witnessed Saudi glory. Its authentic Najdi architecture takes you back on a journey to the first Saudi state. From the center of the birthplace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the meeting point for merchant caravans in the Arabian Peninsula, it is one of the most important districts.

Samhan Farm

The farm is highly rated and reviewed by its visitors. Its architecture is designed in a Najdi style; it welcomes all types of occasions, and its administration offers all of the visitors’ needs to manage their events and activities, it also offers a living room good for relaxing in the heart of nature away from the crowds of the city. The palm trees are all over the outdoor seating area, with their illuminating lights & the service tables.

For more information on the rich history of Arabia, you can click here.


Where To Go Eat in Diriyah?

Diriyah’s restaurant menus meet all foodies' tastes, offering rich flavors and authentic tastes that fulfill their senses.


How Can You Reach Diriyah?

Diriyah can be reachable from Riyadh as it is considered part of the city. After choosing a way to get to Riyadh, whether by road or through King Khalid International Airport.

You can also rent a car to set off and enjoy an exploratory trip to Diriyah and its distinctive heritage landmarks. In addition, you can get around within Diriyah or get there by taking taxis that are over the city.



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