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Explore Al Jouf : Culture, History & Olives Await!

The Al Jouf region, one of the most anciently populated areas on the Arabian Peninsula, is rich in culture, history, and a flavorful culinary scene. Al Jouf, located in northern Saudi Arabia near the Jordanian border, once served as a key junction on the renowned Incense Route. Al-Jouf has served as a pathway for travelers and merchants between the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, and Egypt.

When visiting Al Jouf, you can discover prehistoric antiquities from the Stone Age, dine at nearby restaurants, and visit historical museums and castles. In addition, the city has an excellent reputation for its fertile soil and straightforward crop cultivation, therefore Al Jouf has earned a reputation for olive tree cultivation and has won accolades.

Marid Castle

Marid Castle can be quite an adventure in itself. You can undertake a massive climb of 1,000 twisting steps to reach the peak of Marid Castle. You will be able to explore the Nabataean era’s excavations, pottery fragmentation, and archaeological layers.

The Columns of Rajajil

A tour of the enigmatic Rajajil columns is a fascinating journey into the mysteries of ancient Arabia. Rajajil is a collection of more than 50 groups of standing monoliths carved from ochre sandstone and is frequently referred to as the Stonehenge of Arabia.

Zaabal Castle

This castle on a mountaintop is situated north of Sakaka, over a network of artesian wells that have provided fresh water to the city's residents. The fort's four towers provide an amazing panoramic perspective of the city and are united by a single wall.

Al Khanafa Wildlife Sanctuary

Al Khanafah Wildlife Sanctuary in Al Jouf is a must-see if you enjoy desert wildlife! It is situated on the outskirts of the Nafud desert and is one of the top spots to visit in Jouf. This location is pure heaven because it serves as a habitat for a variety of species.

Al Jouf Museum

Located in the center of Dumah Al-Jandal, the modern one-floor building of Al Jouf Museum has monuments and heritage collections. One can explore here the amazing collection of artifacts that will make you know about the legacy of Saudi Arabia.

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