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Experience The Magic Of An Arabian Winter!

Snowfall in Saudi Arabia - Experience the Magic of Winter!

Saudi Arabia is home to some of the best regions, wherein travelers can experience winter tourism at its best. Although snow is usually considered to be rare in the Kingdom, some cities typically become a wonderland in winter.

Therefore, you must head North in Saudi Arabia to see a winter wonderland of snow! Yes, snow does really fall in Saudi Arabia, especially in the northern mountain ranges. You can enjoy images of snow-covered mountain peaks, frosted shrubs, and camels trudging in the enchanted snowfall. Locals in Saudi Arabia are infectiously happy when it snows, so you must take a mountain trip northwest of Tabuk to celebrate a seasonal dusting like a local, or board an Arabian camel for a memorable encounter with the cold. In addition, you can also pick from a wide range of additional seasonal pursuits, such as hiking, camping, and sledding. Keep reading to know our favorite activity picks for you!


Enjoy Snow in Saudi!

December to February are the prominent winter months in Saudi Arabia. Some regions can experience snowfall during these months as well. Mentioned below are the must-visit snowfall places in Saudi Arabia during the winter season:

Abha is based in the beautiful Asir mountains on the south-western side of the country. It is the capital city of the Asir region. Even though snowfall in Abha is not common, it is always a sight to witness. Abha is home to hilltop fortresses and popular tourist attractions, like Shadda Palace, Al-Tahy restaurant & so much more.

The north-western region of the Kingdom is home to the beautiful city of Tabuk. Its many historical forts, castles, and archaeological monuments make it a must-see winter trip. Tabuk experiences a light snowfall every year in December. Hiking & sledding are popular activities for those seeking adventure!

The city of Turaif, which is in the Northern Borders Province, lies near to Jordan. Some of the lowest temperatures ever recorded in the Arabic region were in Turaif. Visitors experience a beautiful winter by visiting a variety of historical heritage villages, castles & snow fields.


So, What Activities Can You Do in Winter?

Snowy Hikes Stepping outside to breathe in the chilly winter air is one of the season's most enchanting experiences. In Saudi Arabia, winter is a time to enjoy the outdoors, camp, and trek. For those who enjoy hiking in the snow, winter hiking in Saudi Arabia is unlike hiking elsewhere. The greatest location to witness the beautiful calm of shifting sands covered in fresh snow is in the north, close to Tabuk. *You must visit Jabal Al Lawz: the tallest mountain in the Tabuk Province and the only place in Saudi where it snows almost every year — making it perfect for a winter hike.

Wintry Rides There is no better time than an Arabian snowstorm to go for a ride. Saudi Arabia is a wonderfully magical place to experience snow, and the enthusiasm is palpable. Get in on the excitement for winter's finest surprise by riding an Arabian camel, one of the region's most significant historical animals, or driving up the mountain roads while residents swarm to enjoy the powder. *You may anticipate a pleasant winter ride whether you choose a car or a camel to discover Saudi Arabia's beautiful surroundings.

Snow Sledding Part of what makes sledding an even more alluring winter activity in Saudi is the novelty of snow. Locals take advantage of snowfall by heading for the slopes with sleds and taking in the scenery as they descend the winter routes. A snow day in Saudi Arabia is best started off with some sledding. *Head to the mountains northwest of Tabuk with a sandboard in tow and use it as a makeshift sled to glide down snow-covered trails.

Kashtah in the Snow The ultimate winter experience for snow lovers is camping in authentic Arabic tents amidst the snowfields. In reality, the winter season in Saudi Arabia is referred to as kashta, or camping season, and it frequently entails activities that last well into the night. Nature's invitation to Saudi residents and visitors to experience the wonder of winter in Saudi Arabia is sent through the cold air, powder-covered pathways, and bright starry evenings.

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