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Explore The Best Places in Al Khobar with UHI!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Al Khobar, located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, is a vibrant city that offers something for everyone. In November, visitors and locals alike can enjoy a range of activities and events that capture the essence of the city's culture and traditions. Whether you're looking for opportunities to indulge in delicious local cuisine, shop for unique souvenirs, or take part in exciting outdoor activities, Al Khobar has it all.

Keep reading to know all about the exciting things you can do during your staycation in Khobar. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia.


What Can You Do In The Eastern Province including Dammam & Al Khobar?

Dammam and Al Khobar are located in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, along the coast of the Arabian Gulf. The distance between the two cities is approximately 20 kilometers, so if you want to enjoy a morning activity in Dammam and then head to Al Khobar at night, that would be extremely easy! In addition, they are both the perfect cities to go to during Eid, because the proximity to the sea brings some relief from the summer heat in the form of sea breezes.

Visit the Half Moon Bay Beach

This beautiful beach in Half Moon Bay is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. You can take a dip in the crystal-clear water, enjoy water sports and activities, or simply relax and soak up the sun on the pristine sands. There is also an area of small sand dunes where you can take your car and have some fun. Nothing better than a day out!

Visit Al Khobar Corniche

This seaside promenade is the go-to spot for families looking to spend a day out. You can take a walk along the corniche, dine at the seafood restaurants, and let your children play in the various parks and playgrounds. The Khobar Corniche Mosque is also a popular tourist attraction in the area. Khobar Water Tower is one of the major landmarks and jewels of the city.

Explore The Saudi Cultural Hub

The iconic monolithic design of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture has become a symbol of Saudi’s cultural renaissance. There are many interactive activities to do. It’s worth taking the Ithra Journey Tour: a 30-minute guided visit through all parts of the center and some of the art installations.

Explore The Local Markets

Dammam and Khobar are home to bustling markets and souks, where you can find everything from traditional handicrafts to designer clothes. The locals are super friendly where you can try the local coffee, try dates, or local foods. You can even dine in at their restaurants.

A Family Outing at Prince Al Jalawy Park

The park is filled with greenery, with 28 different types of trees and up to 400 palm trees. There is a dedicated play area for kids, which includes a few swings and rides. Visting this park is great for a vacation as it offers the chance to escape the dullness of daily life and appreciate its natural beauty.

Enjoy an Outing at King Fahd Park

King Fahd Park is the largest park in Dammam that stretches over 100 hectares and inhibits so many species of trees, plants and bushes. You can have a picnic here and watch the sunset. Also, you can rejuvenate by the man-made lagoons, pools and artificial lakes, waterfalls and fountains distributed across the beautiful park.


Where Can You Stay?

Stay At Grandeur East Hotel - Al Khobar

Located in the heart of Al Khobar, Grandeur East offers spacious accommodations including studios and apartments, which are decorated with pastel-colored walls and modern furnishings. The hotel also features a buffet-style restaurant and a 24-hour front desk. All the rooms feature similar amenities including a sofa lounge, fridge, washing machine, free Wi-Fi, TV, and much more. In addition, the studios have a kitchenette, and each apartment is equipped with a kitchen. This will make your stay more convenient!

If you're a shopping enthusiast, Rashed Mall and Al Mazraa Market are a 2-minute drive away from the hotel. In addition, Corniche Al Khobar is only a 15-minute drive from the hotel.


Here's What You Need To Know!

How Can You Reach Al Khobar?

The nearest airport is King Fahd International, which is 60 km from the city. Tourists can take taxis available at the airport to their desired destination. Public transport or personal vehicles are the best way to get around Al Khobar city.

What's the best time to visit Al Khobar?

The best time to visit Al Khobar is from November to April when the weather is pleasant, and the temperature is not too high.


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