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Discover Abha: The Summer Wonderland of Saudi Arabia☀️

Enjoy A Perfect Summer Getaway in Abha!

Abha, located in the southwestern region of Saudi Arabia, is a picturesque high-altitude city that offers a perfect summer getaway. Surrounded by stunning mountains and lush green valleys, Abha enjoys a mild climate, making it an ideal escape from the scorching heat of other Saudi cities. Abha takes pride in its vibrant local culture and its refreshing natural beauty. The city hosts various summer festivals that showcase the cultural heritage of the region. The famous Abha Summer Festival offers a diverse range of activities, including musical performances, cultural exhibitions, fireworks displays, and art shows. These events attract both locals and tourists and provide a unique experience filled with entertainment and celebration.

Whether you seek relaxation in nature, cultural experiences, or thrilling festivals, Abha offers a delightful summer getaway that guarantees unforgettable memories.


Discover Abha & Its Top Attractions!

Abha is home to several tourist attractions that are worth visiting during the summer season. Here are some of the must-visit places in Abha:

Habala Village features the cultural legacy of Abha. The Aseer Mountains' cliffs are home to this traditional mountain community, which has historic stone dwellings built on terraces.

A tranquil retreat from the rush of city life can be found in Al-Soudah. The tallest mountain in Saudi Arabia, Mount Al-Soudah, is a notable feature in the area.

Aseer's Dam Lake is a gorgeous reservoir that provides a peaceful environment. This location is ideal for taking a leisurely stroll by the lake or enjoying a picnic with loved ones.

This park is a breathtaking natural paradise! Tall mountains, deep valleys, rolling hills, and expansive fields are just a few of the park's many varied vistas that are renowned worldwide.


Abha Summer Festival 2023!

Come explore the magical Village hidden in the mists of Abha’s Summer Festival, a destination designed to meet your every whim, where culture meets connection. The festival is bursting with many entertainment options ranging from thrilling carnival games to soulful concerts and everything in-between!

One of the most popular activities is hiking, with several hiking trails available in and around the city, such as the Aseer National Park Hiking Trails.

The Art Street aims to highlight the Abha & Aseer culture, its ancient history and its representation of our visitors in a modern way.


Do You Know About The Flower Men of Abha?

The Flower Men of Abha are a well-known cultural tradition found in the Aseer area of Saudi Arabia, particularly in the city of Abha. The Flower Men of Abha are a fascinating cultural phenomenon wherein men adorn themselves with colorful flower garlands, producing breathtaking sights. The "malakas," or flower garlands, are spherical frames covered in a variety of flowers, plants, and herbs.

When these garlands are worn on the head, the men's appearance is altered, and their traditional clothing is given a brilliant pop of color. Roses, marigolds, jasmine, and other easily accessible flowers make up the garlands.


Here's Where To Stay!

Abha Palace Hotel

This 5-star hotel offers an exclusive view of water and mountains in one place. Abha Palace Hotel provides comfortable rooms overlooking the Dam Lake and mesmerizing mountains.

Sarwat Park Hotel

This 4-star hotel is located in Abha and is only 300 meters away from Abu Khayal Garden Park. The hotel provides comfortable and spacious rooms, with 24-hour service available and a fitness center.

Citadines Hotel

Citadines is a 4-star hotel that provides luxurious accommodation with terrace and mountain views. It also has an outdoor swimming pool and sauna with amazing views.


For more information, please visit : Abha - Visit Saudi Official Website

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