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Dazzle your senses in Saudi’s Aseer region!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Welcome to the Arabian Highlands! Less than 10 kilometers to the west of the city of Abha lies Jebel Sawdah, the most iconic natural feature of Aseer Province. It is the highest place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!!

Discover the essence of this beautiful city by smelling the sharp, sweet scent of coniferous forests, gaze upon awe-inspiring views from atop mountains and feel the relief of cooler temperatures in Saudi’s southwest province of Aseer. As you continue your journey through Aseer, immerse yourself in local culture at Al Muftaha art village, or shop in vibrant traditional markets in the capital city of Abha or its sister city, Khamis Mushait. We’ve got you covered with a list of things to do here and accommodation choices, so keep reading and enjoy! Enjoy Abha's Summer Fest and stay at one of our recommended hotels! Soar through the festivals above the mountains and enjoy Abha's Summer Festival till the end of September. But first, choose one of our recommended hotels to ensure your comfortable stay with no worries! Our UHI Team has worked hard and got you exclusive deals with on the hotels suggested below. This destination is designed to meet your every whim, where culture meets connection. Packed with a variety of activities from carnival games to concerts and everything in between! Expect exciting performances from popular and emerging artists on our Blue Stage as you go on a musical adventure on the misty mountains. Awaken your tastebuds to the fusion of exotic and familiar tastes of dishes from all around the world, exclusively at our Mifana zone. Click here to view the festival's interactive map... Here's a few of our recommended great hotels that will ensure your comfort after a long day of exploring and going out!

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your stay now! When in Aseer, Explore and Go....

One of Saudi’s more curious landmarks is Jabal Thera. Better known as the Green Mountain, this peak in the south of Abha is illuminated at night by neon green lights that emit a warm emerald glow across the city. Cable cars are the best way to get to the summit, where you can enjoy panoramic views from a restaurant and cafe with a terrace.

Craving a trip through history? Drive north through the scenic Sarawat Mountains toward Al Baha and the Shada mountain formation, or Jabal Shada. While you're there, you may stumble upon exotic grottoes and caves that are the result of erosion that has taken place over centuries. Although the caves were created by geological phenomena, they happened to suit humans and were therefore used as dwellings.While exploring — and possibly staying in — the caves, consider sampling the region’s signature honey and ghee dish along with freshly baked bread and local Shadawi coffee.

The hanging village of Al Habala is as fun to travel to as it is to explore. The village is composed of a series of sandstone homes perched on the ledge of a sheer cliff, built almost 400 years ago by the Qahtan tribe, who reached the secluded spot by rope ladder. (The name comes from “habal,” the Arabic term for rope.)

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