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Cultural Odyssey Through AlUla & Riyadh!

Set off on a 6-day expedition that weaves through the historic heart of Saudi Arabia, where every turn reveals a story, every landscape whispers tales of the past, and culture comes alive in vibrant hues. This journey, our "From Madinah to Al Ula" tour, guides you from the spiritual serenity of Madinah to the mystic allure of Riyadh. Each day unravels a new facet of Arabia's rich tapestry, blending the ancient wonders of Al Ula with the dynamic pulse of Riyadh, crafting a journey that remains etched in memory long after the desert sands have settled.


Day 1 : Departure For Al Ula The Oasis Begins

As dawn breaks, I embark on my journey from Madinah to the enchanting city of Al Ula. The drive, a scenic four-hour voyage, sets the tone for the adventure ahead. Upon arrival, the tranquil ambiance of my resort, nestled in this ancient oasis, welcomes me. I savor a delicious lunch and spend the evening relaxing, eagerly anticipating the explorations that await.

Day 2: The Legacy of AlUla

The morning sun greets me at the Shaden Resort. Today, I delve into the heart of Al-Ula's history with a tour of Dedan and Ikmah, the cradle of civilizations that have flourished for millennia. I wander through the time-worn streets of Old Al-Ula, where the stories of pilgrims and settlers resonate through the ages. The day culminates with a serene visit to Jebel Al-Fil, the Elephant Rock, a natural marvel sculpted by time.

Day 3: Enigmatic Hegra

A new day dawns with the promise of adventure. Hegra, also known as Madain Saleh, beckons. This UNESCO World Heritage site, once a pivotal city of the Nabatean Kingdom, reveals its secrets through its monumental tombs and vibrant inscriptions. After a journey through the annals of time, I ascend the Harrat Al-Uwayrid to witness an awe-inspiring view of the Al-Ula oasis. The day concludes with a flight to Riyadh, where new wonders await.

Day 4: Mysteries Of Riyadh

In Riyadh, the city's mystique unfolds before me. The National Museum, a treasure trove of Arabian history, offers insights into the civilization's evolution. The grandeur of Murabba Palace and the historical significance of Masmak Fort immerse me in the Saudi kingdom's genesis. The day's journey through time is complemented by the vibrant scents and sights of Dira Souq.

Day 5: Diriyah And Edge Of The World

My exploration takes me to Diriyah, the cradle of the Saudi dynasty, where centuries of history echo through the valley of Wadi Hanifa. The afternoon's expedition to the Edge of the World is the pinnacle of natural splendor. Here, atop the Tuwaiq Escarpment, the world seems to pause, offering panoramic views that stretch beyond the horizon. A traditional meal shared with local Bedouins under a starlit sky is a fitting end to an extraordinary day.

Day 6: Farewell Riyadh

As the sun rises on my final day in Riyadh, reflections of the past week's journey fill my mind. The rich tapestry of Saudi Arabia's history and culture has left an indelible mark on my soul. With a heart full of memories, I make my way to the airport, bidding farewell to this land of contrasts and wonder.


The Edge Of The World

A Spectacular Day Trip from Riyadh

Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of the Edge of the World, a natural wonder located approximately 90 kilometers from Riyadh. Renowned for its breathtaking cliffs towering above an endless desert, this destination is perfect for a day-trip or overnight camping.

Getting There:

Self-driving is the most convenient way to visit. There are two routes: the Acacia Valley Route and the Sadus Dam Route. The Acacia Valley Route, accessible on Fridays and Saturdays, leads you through a valley with soft gravel sections, requiring careful driving. The Sadus Dam Route, reportedly easier for 2WD vehicles, is open every day.


Immerse yourself in the stunning views and dramatic scenery. Hiking options include descending the cliffs or walking along the escarpment for unique views. For the adventurous, camping in the Acacia Valley offers a serene experience with park rangers ensuring safety.

Best Time to Visit:

Winter is the ideal time, with comfortable daytime temperatures and cooler nights. Aim to arrive an hour or two before sunset for the most dramatic views.

Safety Tips:

Maintain a safe distance from cliff edges and wear appropriate footwear. It's advisable to bring sufficient food and water, as there are no facilities nearby.


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